Software Implementation Services

Complex Software made Simple


<p class="MsoPlainText"><span style="font-family: " courier="" new";"="">Implementing enterprise software can be a challenge for even the most mature organization.<o:p></o:p></span></p><p class="MsoPlainText"><span style="font-family: " courier="" new";"="">Many software enterprise deployments suffer from delays, overrunning costs, disappointed users and&nbsp;</span><span style="font-family: " courier="" new";"="">even failed implementations.</span></p><p class="MsoPlainText">Our implementation methodology is designed to ensure the quality, reliability and overall value of your investment.<br></p><p class="MsoPlainText">Our implementation services team provides expert guidance in defining a project schedule that fits your business needs.<br></p><p class="MsoPlainText"><span style="font-family: " courier="" new";"="">We&nbsp; leverage our&nbsp; knowledge and extended hands-on-expertise in effectively planning, installing, deploying, integrating and then managing and supporting your enterprise software.<br></span></p><p class="MsoPlainText">We efficiently allocate resources; manage risk, costs and schedules to get your site up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal interruption to your daily operations and then keep that way during the entire solution life-cycle.<br></p><p class="MsoPlainText"><br></p>

Our Service Includes

Software Implementation Services
  • System Architecture and Implementation Planning
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Systems Integration and Interface design
  • Standard and Custom Training Development and Delivery
  • Pilot Test and Production Deployment
  • Mentoring and User Support
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Post-deployment Reviews
  • Administering Users and Security
  • Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting
  • Performance Management
  • Monitoring and Tuning