Portfolio Information Management System (Back Office)

For Capital Market Sector


<p><span style="color: rgb(218, 161, 6); font-weight: bold;">PIMSi</span>&nbsp;helps portfolio management institutions to build , apply and control investment strategy&nbsp; which must be compliant with market regulations , investment guidelines , clients restrictions and company policy.<br></p><p><span style="color: rgb(218, 161, 6); font-weight: bold;">PIMSi </span>provides fast, easy and accurate help for both&nbsp; investment decision makers and operation team leading to enhanced business process with high performance.</p><p>The system handles day to day transactions of portfolios and tracks different investment vehicles.</p><p>Performance of the portfolio is measured according to user defined periods (including daily performance measurement).</p><p><br></p>

Product Details

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PIMSi Key Benefits

<ul class="key-benefits"><h4><div><br></div></h4></ul><div><ul class="key-benefits"><li>Multi currency</li><li>Multi fees criteria</li><li>Multi levels of security</li><li>Define, create and setup client account details</li><li>Supports Equities, Fixed Assets Investment tools and Cash operations</li><li>Accounting module with Customizable Chart of Accounts (COA)<br></li><li>Supports maker/checker for all operations</li><li>Supports reverse operations to rollback events</li><li>Order allocation module for equities and fixed income</li></ul></div><ul class="key-benefits"><h4></h4></ul>