Margin Trading System (for banks)

For Capital Market Sector


<p><span style="color: rgb(218, 161, 6); font-weight: bold;">MTS</span> helps portfolio managers to deal with the Trio margin contracts (Client – Broker – Bank ). It does so&nbsp; by monitoring the used margin quantity and cash depending on margin limit&nbsp; according to the change of the online stocks price&nbsp; and takes definitive action at suitable time.<br></p>

Product Details

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Margin Trading System (MTS ) Key Benefits

<div><ul class="key-benefits"><li>Bilingual (Arabic -English)<br></li><li>Multi-Currency</li><li>Stock prices loaded directly via automatic loader</li><li>Margin execution loaded automatically ( invoices, cash transaction on broker)</li><li>Easy Monitoring using margin quantity for all margin portfolios ( color categorization of portfolio)</li></ul></div>