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Ministry of Interior (National Security Department) Information System
TEA Computers has been selected by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior to automate its large information system in the National Security Department (NSD).

The tasks performed by TEA Computers include the following:
  • Designing the information System, including documents design, information flow, and the implementation plan.
  • Developing the applications programs.
  • Customizing the data base to the requirements of NSD.
  • Supplying hardware
  • Training Ministry of Interior Personnel.
  • Installing computer systems.
  • Supervising the implementation and the conversion from the manual system to the automated system.
The NSD information data base users have access to over 400 terminals, supported by three Super Mini- Computers and high availability RAID Disk Subsystems. Document Image System and follow up is integrated now with the database.

The system incorporates various statistical modules to meet the NSD requirements. After the initial phase proved to be successful, the NSD is upgrading the system regularly according to the predetermined plan. This project led to automating the largest portion of information handling within the NSD and is considered to be one of the most valuable decision support tool within the department.
Ministry’s Departments and Applications
  National Security Department (NSD)
Criminal Evidence Investigation Department (CEID)
Traffic Department
Anti Narcotic General Authority (ANGA)
Legal Affairs Department
Administration Authority
Cabinet of the Minister
• Various Applications for different departments

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