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TEA/MIST Disaster Recovery Center
In co-operation with its sister company MIST, TEA Computers designed and constructed the Disaster Recovery Data Center to provide Disaster- Recovery services to its financial firms customers. Disaster- Recovery Services enabled the participated financial firms (more than sixty) to fulfill CMA requirements and to pass the official CMA Committee tests.
TEA-MIST Disaster Recovery Guidelines.
  • Creating an alternate failover Disaster Recovery data center to enable customer to continue the business during a disaster.
  • Creating failover network infrastructure to secure Customer connections to CASE and MCDR.
  • Establishing TEA Computers Continuous Technical support to obtain rapid system Fail-Over during a disaster.
TEA-MIST Disaster Recovery Solution Outlines
  1. Leased lines connect the financial firm Site to Disaster Recovery Site through Routers and Firewalls for security.
  2. A Customer Disaster Recovery BIMSi DB Server is installed and put in Stand-by Mode at Disaster Recovery Data Center.
  3. A continuous Data replication process is established between the main site DB and Disaster Recovery DB to let Systems be ready for any potential Fail-Over Process.
  4. A FIX-Enabled and Application Servers are Installed, Configured and Ready at Disaster Recovery site.
  5. Work-Stations in a well-equipped Customer area are configured and ready for customer representatives to work on, when a disaster occurs and Fail-Over plans take place.
  6. Disaster Recovery Connections to MCDR and CASE are always ready, monitored and controlled.
Major Markets Segments
Egyptian Capital Market Authority (CMA)
• Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges (CASE)
Misr for Clearance, Settlement and Central Depository (MCSD)
TEA/MIST On-Line trading system
TEA/MIST Disaster Recovery Center
Libyan Stock Exchange Trading System Info Structure
Over 120 Securities Brokerage firms firm uses BIMSi in Egypt, UAE & Libya
Over 25 Portfolio Management & Mutual Management firms
• Bookkeeping firms

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