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Egyptian Capital Markets

It was in 1990, when TEA Computers felt the rebirth of the Egyptian Capital Market, after more than three decades of near death due to the socialist policies Egypt has gone through since the sixties.
Alexandria Stock Exchange, once classified as the third stock exchange amongst the stock exchanges worldwide in the late 1800, totally stopped its activities in 1961, together with the Cairo Stock Exchange due to the nationalization of all the major listed companies.
The Egyptian Capital Market Authority (CMA) started in 1990 an aggressive, staged modernization program for the overall capital market. The use of advanced technology, suiting the local business environment was one of the main cornerstones of the program. An enthusiastic leader fully supported by the CMA management led the modernization team, and selected TEA Computers as the Information Technology contractor in this program.
TEA Computers involvement can be a total solution provision including application software, equipment and networks, training and on-line support, or equipment, system and database software and technical development support, or total partnership as is the case of MIST. In other words, over 10,000 connected capital market users use TEA Computers development, IT equipment and services.
Major Markets Segments
Egyptian Capital Market Authority (CMA)
• Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges (CASE)
Misr for Clearance, Settlement and Central Depository (MCSD)
TEA/MIST On-Line trading system
TEA/MIST Disaster Recovery Center
Libyan Stock Exchange Trading System Info Structure
Over 120 Securities Brokerage  and BookKeeping firms use BIMSi in Egypt, UAE & Libya
• Securities Brokerage &  and Asset Modules Clients in Egypt & the Arab world

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