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Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges
This week will witness the accomplishment of the Electronic Data Communication between Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges and the Capital Market Authority". This was the answer Dr. Fag El Nour, Chairman of the Capital Market Authority, gave to Al-Ahram El Ektesadi financial magazine when asked about the development of the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges in order to increase their activities, "November 1,1993 issue".
TEA Computers was the computer company chosen by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) from between several other companies to supply all the computer equipment needed to establish a powerful data center to help achieve CMA's goals that included:
  • Serving a complete Database to answer the requirements of the users at the adequate time.Anti Narcotic General Authority (ANGA).
  • Controlling the kind of information allowed to be exchanged with local, national and international organizations and authorities.
  • The ability to pursue any changes happening to companies’ data and updating them instantly.

After the success of the first phase of the project and in an open bid, TEA Computers was honored two new contracts to establish two data centers: one at Cairo Stock Exchange, and the other at Alexandria Stock Exchange.

The tasks of TEA Computers included:

  • The supply and installation of all computer equipment.
  • The supply and installation of system software, database software, and part of the application software at the Stock Exchanges.
  • The supply and installation of Communication Equipment and Software.
  • The supply and installation of Communication Equipment and Software.
  • Training CMA and both Stock Exchanges Personnel.
  • The support of CMA Personnel in developing their application software.

Both centers are responsible for handling all securities dealings within the two Stock Exchanges. The available communication between the three data centers allows brokers' access to companies' financial information through the system, trading can be effected from the two Stock Exchanges instantaneously. The implementation of these systems had an impact on increasing dramatically the volume of trading. A variety of reports are produced by the systems covering statistical issues, price indexes, brokers activities, and other information required by any Stock Exchange.

In March 2000, The Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges contracted TEA Computers for the supply and installation of a State of the Art, ccNUMA, and high availability computer system. To handle the increasing users demands, and the addition of a hundred remote trading stations to the existing 250 users, as well as, the dramatic increase in trading transactions, were the main purpose for acquiring this new advanced AV25000 computer and the fiber optics based CLARiiON disk storage system.

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