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SIMSI :  Subscription Information Management System

SIMSi is a comprehensive solution for financial institutions ( investment banks , underwriting firms) that are responsible for stock subscriptions .
In a regulated capital market, a company issuing stocks must go through a lengthy process before the shares can be sold to the general public. That’s true whether it’s the company’s initial public offering (IPO) , or if the company is already a public company and has decided to make a secondary offering of shares.
With the growth of the investment industry during the past two decades, both the number and volume of subscriptions as has increased significantly.
The ability to effectively employ technology and efficiently process huge volumes of data is essential.
SIMSi provides
  • Ability to handle all types of subscriptions ( IPO, secondary offering to increase capital, reissuing in case of non-coverage of IPO)
  • Daily follow-up on subscription to determine the coverage rate , the amount covered and related information
  • Accurate allocation whether the offering is underscribed, fully subscribed, oversubscribed
  • Receipts for subscriptions
                   -  Cash receipt for each subscription order
   -  Receipt of remaining amount for each subscriber
In addition SIMSi  provides advanced features such as
  • Data feed from MCDR
Shareholders list may be loaded directly into the system from MCDR minimizing manual data entry errors (to be used in generating orders for subscriptions for secondary offerings to increase capital)
  • Operation Controls
Subscriptions are a volume-driven, transaction-processing business, and much of the risk associated with it is operational in nature. For this reason, strong operational controls are essential to effectively manage transaction risk.
  • Advanced Query , Reporting and Recordkeeping
SIMSi reports meets the customers’ specialized needs and as well as complying with all applicable recordkeeping and reporting laws and regulations.
SIMSi provides advanced querying and reporting for both subscribers allocated in current offering as well as standing shareholders (to be used in case of a secondary offering to increase capital)
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