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Portfolio Information Management System (PIMSi)
Mutual Fund Management System (MFMSi)
TEA Computers presents a family of products to serve the needs of portfolio management and mutual fund management firms. Composed of four basic modules (marketed separately or bundled):
Distinguishing Features
  • Full Range of Solutions
  • PIMSi Front Office.
  • PIMSi Professional Back Office.
  • ICSS Investment Certificates Subscribtion System.
  • MFMSi Professional Back Office.
  • PIMSi/MFMSi Integration Modules.
  • Ease of Use
  • Web-Enabled Solution.
  • Standard Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).
  • Multiple Environments
  • Bilingual system (Arabic / English)
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Multi-Bank accounts with balance transfer for portfolios and funds.
  • Multi-Markets and Multi-Market Valuation.
  • Multiple Investment Vehicles.
  • Vacations module for different markets.
  • Real-Time Information
  • Automatic loading for stocks' prices real time market watch.
  • Dynamic
  • Dynamic Menus.
  • Different contractual information for each portfolio, fund , customer, brokerage firm , custodian and central depository.
  • Dynamic Query module.
  • Dynamic Fees modules.
  • Secure
  • Multi-level security system (modules, items, data & encrypted passwords).
  • Multi-level security levels down to the item level on the screen.
  • Transaction Log monitoring system.
  • Errors Logging.
  • User input checked against established business rules.
  • Strong financial controls and reconciliation routines embedded in the application software.
  • Scalability and Integration
  • Automatic publishing of execute order to back office.
  • Fully integrated with multi-currency accounting system with user-defined Charter of Accounts.
  • Fully integrated with an archiving system (DADI) .
  • Fully integrated with a brokerage system (BIMSi).
  • Easily integrated with other applications.
PIMSi Front Office

PIMSi front end modules address the needs of all types of investors; from professional portfolio managers (PIMSi Investment Plans) to individual portfolio owners (PIMSi Web Interface).

PIMSi Professional Back Office

is a Real-Time portfolio management and accounting system that handles day-to-day transactions of portfolios.

(Investment Certificates Subscribtion System)

is a web-based software application that fully covers Mutual Fund Management investment certifications operations; from tracking IC daily transactions to automatic distribution of dividends to shareholders based on IC holdings.

MFMSi Professional Back Office

fully covers Mutual Fund Management firms back office operations; from tracking different investment vehicles up to the computation of Net Asset Value of Investment Certificate and Net Profit/Loss on a daily basis.


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