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BIMSi Professional Back Office
This module, with all of its sub-modules, deals with daily work needed to fully automate the various departments of a brokerage firms It includes
BIMSi BASIC Module including:
  • Orders Management System Market engine system that manages the orders cycle (fully integrated with FIX client).
  • Invoices Issuance and Follow-up (linked to accounting system).
  • Clearing System.
  • Client Cash and Physical Stocks Position.
  • Stock Module.
  • Trading and Settlement Module.
  • Accounting Module.
  • Log Module.
GDR Module
Follow-ups on orders and executions of GDR.
GDR Sell Short and Euro Bonds Module
Sell Short Module.
Margin Trading Module
Makes use of additional investment capital provided by the Brokerage Margin Trading Service to generate greater potential returns.
International Brokers Module
Module to follow-up on orders from international brokers.
Auto Booking Module
Automatic Booking from MSCD for brokers.
Corrections Module
Module allows user to correct transactions.
Price Loader Module
Prices Loader integrates Bimsi with the Market watch and loads stocks’ prices instantly.
Load Operations for Market Watch Module
Automatic loading from Brokers' screen in Stock Exchange right after the session (saves up to 90 minutes wait for Stock Exchange diskette).
Risk Management System
Responsible for controlling all the risks that may appear from E- trading operations.

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