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Capital Market Timeline
Ministry of Interior Timeline
After five years of success in the Egyptian market, mainly in the military sector and the Universities, it was in 1979, when TEA Computers signed its first contract with the Egyptian Ministry of Interior to computerize the operations of the National Security Department. This contract was the first in a long list of successful contracts with the ministry of interior to automate the operations in its various departments.

Since 1979 and till today’s date the installed base grew to contain the following ministry’s departments and applications, where TEA Computers was involved in a way or another in the IT development of these departments:
  • National Security Department (NSD)
  • Anti Narcotic General Authority (ANGA)
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Traffic Department
  • Criminal Evidence Investigation Department (CEID)
  • Administration Authority
  • Cabinet of the Minister
  • Various Applications for different departments
TEA Computers involvement can be a total solution provision including application software, equipment and networks, training and on-line support, or equipment, system and database software and technical development support. In other words, over 5,000 connected ministry of interior users, and millions of Egyptian citizens benefit from TEA Computers development, IT equipment and services.



Technology Partners Timeline
  TEA Computers S.A. has grown to include specialized capabilities in a number of market sectors.  Our expertise is enhanced through internal development and acquiring leaders in the industry.

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